Top 5 Importance And Benefits Of Technology In Nigeria

Many people today ignore the usefulness of technology  and it tends goes beyond ordinary sense.
Technology is among the basic priority of human life and the use of knowledge techniques, skills, practicals, and creations for the production of goods and service to make life easier for me and you.

Top 5 Importance And Benefits Of Technology In NigeriaIn our country today, NIGERIA is among the developing countries who lack the adequate uses of technology hence if all youth can come together to start bringing out the best in them, our country will be a better one, though we know quite well that the government is not supporting.
Nigeria has alots of skilled and experienced people but when there is no adequate machines and equipment,the youth will find it difficult to succeed and to understand the benefits of technology. And some of our developed countries on earth are u.s.a, u.a.e, Russia, Japan, China, France, Korea and so on they became what they are today through the use of technology.

But before technology what was in existence?

Science was already existing before technology these gave rise to technology and thus the beginning of technology.
Science is the discovery of Nature like calculation(maths) equation(physics) chemical(chemistry study of human brain, mind and body( philosophy) and so on hence through this means technology find a way to exist, making science more easier for everyone who SEEK. It’s is has also help many scientist to become successful, great and wealthy hence of them are;

He was known as one of the successful and great man everly liveth who was a thinker, a mathematician and a physicist.
Some of his scientist invention used as technology till now are
A) quantums theory of light; these state that light is compose of tiny particles to become a bigger one. It’s also prove the existence of MANKINDs that humankind’s evolve from dust particles through quantum techniques to form a designated image or being.
B) E=MC2(MC square); it is a collaboration of mass and energy to form atomic energy which can also be use for laboratory preparation and bombing this improving the use of technology in our day to day living.

Known as the founder of mathematics and also an ancient scientist who has also contributed to the use of technology. some of his invention are;
Archimedes screw; these is used mainly for irrigation till today and so helpful in carrying heavy things like sand, grains and so on from lower level to higher level and still common in Egypt till today.

His discovery on science had also improve modern technology which was the fundamental laws of physics, law of conservation of electrical charges, and also prove that lightning is electrical and conducive.
He also invented a bifocal spectacles; which are used for seeing in two dimension. It’s dimensions are for far away distance(upper layer) and close distance(lower layer) thus technology make use of it to make glass for those who have eyes problem.

technology has impacted alot to Human Rights especially improving our country Nigeria in term of education, employment, trading, government, hospital, agriculture, business, Banks and so on.

 Top 5 Importance And Benefits Of Technology In Nigeria 


Phois is a means of fast way of communicating, appointment, and connection without no stress in which it serve as a way of earning for some people like selling either in small or large scale business centre for making quick calls in nearby ,companies for contacting one another in the company and so on…
The use of phone also serve a mean of employment and trading exporting international and National goods of phone accessories nor within Areas for the benefits of earning money or Income.


These is mainly used in Banks, filing stations, airport and so on which it’s technical technology has impacted and led to job opportunity for many graduate all over the world especially in our country Nigeria thus are used to detect fake moneys or currency and also used in the separation of money.

This machines makes work much easier for worker and has created job opportunity for youth and graduate who knows how to operate it, mainly for educated once, scholars and engineers. It’s serve as trading for business entrepreneurs like exporting and importing them in goods and services.


 This machines is so helpful and another means of earning and getting job opportunity in Nigeria… Mainly used for traders like tailor. Those that can not afford going to school they can use it to make a living. This machines are used for sawing, marging and so on for beauty like cloths, shoes, chairs, beds, and so on.


This is another means of trading and one of the most best selling products in Nigeria thus founded in the eastern part of Nigeria before moving toward the south and later circulating the whole parts in the country.

Palm kernel machine is used for many processing interns of producing palm kernel cake , palm oil, and so on which includes treatment, grinding, binding, steaming, conditioning and screwing processes.

This machines makes work much easier for especially traders who operate it’s, and also have a local way of preparation and has led to many job opportunity in Nigeria for graduate, I. T students and traders.


Nigeria is a gifted nation but religious beliefs serve an obstacle to individual.
Engine Moller are of two ways, which are the local and the foreign hence they are used for molling of blocks into various sizes.
The engine molla is a machine in which the operator operate the machine. Labourers mixed the sands, cement and water and if needed gravel, which will be poured into the engine for molding of blocks.

This engine is capable of molding more than 500 blocks per day.
The local molla is used manually with the aids of our hands thus after mixing then the mixed sand will be put into the hand molling to mold a block. Each method is good the moling machine makes blocks more stronger.
This machines has also created job opportunity for youth in the country and has also led to continous income to the owner and to the worker.

Now you can see how important technology is to man kind and it’s benefits with technology we can achieve so many things if you have any useful information regarding this post drop your comment.👇

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