See How Nigeria Solders Camp (Photo)

Today the Nigeria army decided to post the below photo on their facebook handle with a write up MISSING THE LOVE AT HOME

This shows how our solders are sacrificing their comfort for the peace of the country. Below are some reactions of Nigerians following this photo

how solders camp

Taiwo Olagunju U lost your comfort for us to be comfortable. God is your strength, our gallant soldiers
Da Be Nz II Gallent men
Abu Bakar Al Adamawy You are under God control and blessing, but my advice as a Nigerian goes to you as you should always launch an attack on those idiots BH don’t wait until you are been attacked by them. Also be on alert combat readiness. God bless the November Alfa.
Adesola Jegede My heroes. Stay safe and return home alive.miss you all
Hayatu Rabiu God bless you and protect you
Sama-boy Ahmad I wishing you the best in all everything

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