Man Beat His Wife to Death Because he was Accused of Spying on Neighbors Private Part

The man on the photo below who is identified as Mr Sina Kasali allegedly killed his 26years old nurse wife Mrs Sherifat by beating her to death over minor disagreement between them.

Ogun butcher beats wife to death for being rude tracysophia blog

Report stated that his wife Sherifat accused him of spying on one of the neighbors private part who is said to be a commercial sex worker.

Sina Kasali heated her hard for being rude until she collapse.  it also stated that a neighbour invited a nurse to attend to Sherifat because Kasali refused to take her to a hospital but the man prevented the nurse from treating her till she gave up the ghost.

The resident stated that Sherifat, a mother of three, could have survived if her husband had allowed her access to medical treatment.

according to the reporter, the couples had been together for over 10 and have 3 children, last child is just three months and the man always beat the woman which people had warned him against severally but to no avail.

The sibling of the deceased, Segun Rasheed, said the family was told of the incident by a neighbor, who checked the deceased telephone contacts.

Sina had been captured by a group of policemen from the Agbado Police Station driven by the Divisional Police Officer, CSP Sunday Omonijo.

Ogun butcher beats wife to death for being rude tracysophia blog

In a meeting with Punch Metro, the 38-year-old suspect said he just slapped his better half.

But wait oh, a lady of 26years old got married to this beast of 38 years and have been enduring beating all this while.

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