How to Get From Agege To Coker Road Illupeju Lagos State Nigeria

Illupeju is a part in lagos state,it is a nearby authorities area of Lagos State, Nigeria a huge network that shares its barriers with regions which include Mushin, Oshodi,  Obanikoro, Anthony down via some parts of Ikorodu street towards Oju elegba. It consists of famous streets such as Town making plans way, Ilupeju skip, Association Avenue, Ilupeju Industrial Avenue, amongst others.

How to Get From Agege To Coker Road  Illupeju Lagos State Nigeria

Agege, is a part in lagos state is a local government  area in lagos. It is highly  populated with the yorubas,hausas, igbos and the kogite. The area is well  known as a business area.

The cost of leaving there is far better than other places if compared in lagos state Nigeria. It is linked to oba akran which is an industrial  area and  is a place where  most of the youth leave for job opportunities .

To get to coker road at illupeju  from agege is a straight  and easy way. The following  steps  should be followed.

How to Get From Agege To Coker Road  Illupeju Lagos State Nigeria.

Take a bus ( danfo) from agege to ikeja under bridge  and take another bus (danfo) going to illupeju/oju elegba frofromeja and highlight  at town planning  bus stop, walk down along  the GT bank and take a tricycle to coker road.

Coker road is an industrial  area  and is highly  dominated  by the Indians. It is a cool and clean environment.

Below are the list of benefits  that are achievable  in coker road.

1: employment  opportunity

2:  Steady constant  light

3:  Easy banking  system because  of the Number of banks  in the area.

4: Availability of infrastructure.

5: Availability of aid facilities.

6: Mutual cooperation.

This how you can get to coker illupeju from agege. Our next post will be discussing how you can get to Army shopping arena at Oshodi from ikeja if you have useful information regarding this post drop your comment below on the comment box and also like our Facebook page. 

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