11 Health Benefits Of Palm Kernel Oil In Nigeria

Palm kernel oil is one of the most used cream in Nigeria as a own, palm kernel oil is far different from palm oil should be case you don’t know.

Palm kernel oil is found in every Nigeria home except those ones that are claiming city live. I remember well i was still a kid this oil never get finish from my grandmother’s house, she produce it by herself anytime we are down with one sickness on the other she always use this oil to treat us without spending any money. I grow up knowing palm Kernel Oil as one of the best medicine for cough, cold, fever and convulsions especially for children it still work Perfectly well on adults too.

Eleven Health Benefits Of Palm Kernel Oil In Nigeria


I remember will i was my early adult age then i have left the village to the city, i had this  terrible cough it all started like play suddenly it turns to something else i couldn’t go to school, church talk less to hang out with my friends.

My parent took me from one hospital to the other, from church to the other there was no solution to the helmet there comes in a point well my mum took me to the village because she has lost the hope of me been recovery from this deadly cough, immediately reach the village my explained to my grandmother she gave me palm kernel oil to lick within the period of 7days the cough totally disappear my mummy couldn’t believe it that’s how this great palm kernel oil heal me from the deadly cough.

Palm kernel oil that is extracted from palm fruit and it has a very dark black color with a strong flavor. Here are the benefits of this great oil.

Eleven Health Benefits Of Palm Kernel oil In Nigeria.

1. Convulsion and epilepsy

It is uses to control convulsion in kids and may be use to lessen the impact of epilepsy assault.

2. For Constipation

Palm kernel oil is also used to soften the anus of a person who find it hard in toileting for example experiencing hard pain during passing out stool.

3. During delivery

This oil is utilized in babies through delivery

 It is historically believed to help avoid body odour after they develop up and make the pores and skin of the infant shinning.

4. For cough

Palm kernel oil is used to melt the throat for to melt the throat for the duration of the first level of cough.

5. Tumor

It can also help manipulate stroke and slowpoke tumor development.

6. Arteriosclerosis and different coronary heart disease

This is therefore one of the fitness advantages of palm kernel oil as it’s miles wealthy in unsaturated fatty acid. Tocotrienols found in palm oil may inhibit certain forms of most cancers.

7. For cholesterol Reduction

cholesterol as compared to other saturated oils consisting of purple palm oil. Thus the health advantages of palm kernel oil also include promoting fitness of people with cardiovascular problem.

8. Full with extraordinary Antioxidants

palm oil offers extraordinary anti-aging benefits. It prevents the prevalence of wrinkles and satisfactory strains. It is able to imparting safety in opposition to harmful UV rays and other pollutants. Therefore, it is smart to consist of palm kernel oil for your daily weight loss plan. It will maintain your pores and skin healthy and young. 

9. For hair

This great oil improves hair growth it makes it softer, it a good nutrient to the hair it makes the scale of the hair more neater it reduce the chances of developing dandruff and othe head scale problems. It makes the hair more hicker and it reduces hair breakage.

10. For Skin

Minus the emarkable anti-growing old benefits supplied by using the palm kernel oil, it also makes the skin obviously soft and smooth with out it getting a greasy appearance. This is the cause the oil is a key aspect in lots of cleaning soap bars and pores and skin creams It also additionally offers remedy to ragged cuticles and itchy pores and skin.

11. Vitamin A

Vitamin A boosts bone fitness and additionally acts as a blood coagulant. Palm kernel oil carries high amounts of the vitamin and subsequently, is recommended for  every day use.

These are the health benefit of this great oil it a local oil every grandmother knows how to extact this great oil from the palm fruits it very easy to the extend that i can make it well am not even a mother talkless a grandmother lol that’s to show you how simple it is to make but the health benefits in it is unspeakable.

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