3 Popular Market Where You Can Buy Quality Clothes At A Low Price In lagos Nigeria.

Clothes is what really define a person when you put on a good quality clothes you will be admired by everyone.

3 Popular Market Where You Can Buy Quality Clothes At A Low Price In lagos Nigeria.

I remember last 3 years i went for a job interview because i was not puting on a nice dress the job was not giving to me. And always there is a ministry called His presence ministry hold by prophets Babalola around Ogba area in lagos state every sunday the prophets pick out all the members that dress perfectly beautiful i.e those that put on a nice dress and he gave them gift.

To some people to buy a quality clothes they find it difficult because of one reason to the other especially when it comes to the prices. So i decided to go into a research on how you can get quality clothes at a cheaper rate. In my research i found out about this 3 popular market in lagos Nigeria were you can buy cheap clothes such as Trousers, Tops, shirts, Akara materials, Lace, even Jewerly Makeup Shoes and bags etc.

3 Popular Market Where You Can Buy Quality Clothes At A Low Price In lagos Nigeria.



Katangua market Popularly known as “bend down marketplace”, Katangua market is where you could get authentic 2nd hand(used) wears and household items for jaw losing costs. The area is a hub of activities and your head may be in a swirl while you see collections of good-looking matters to buy. Katangua have their market days which you need to be aware of inorder to get the exceptional merchandise, be it clothes, kitchen utensils and popular residence maintain substances. These new consignments come each Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, if you may target the ones days of the week, then you are proper to go. The lots of clothes have extraordinary grades and the costs replicate them.

How you can get to Katangua market.

o get to katangua market you have to drop at super bus stop, this bus stop is between Ile-Epo and Abule-Egba.

If you are coming from Oshodi, take a bus to Iyana-Ipaja, then take some other going to Abule-Egba.Tell them you’re dropping at Super. (Sometimes you get a instantly bus from Oshodi to Abule-Egba). Cross over and input the market

If you’re coming from Ikeja, additionally take a bus from Ikeja alongside to Iyana-Ipaja. If you’re taking a immediately bus or keke to Abule-egba they’ll no longer skip Super.

From Sango, take a bus to Ile-Epo, inform them you’re dropping at Super. Please be careful when you are in this market because there are pockect pickers every where in the market.


Balogun Ajeniya Market is a market located on Lagos Island in Lagos State, Nigeria is one of the popular market in lagos state this market has no unique deal with as it sprawls throughout so many streets at the island. In this market you can get different kinds of fabrics, they have some many quality bags and shoes many whole sales buy from them and sell to retailers and consumers but i prefer going there myself than buying from the retailers there is a lot of stress in this market you will feel so tried after returning from the market there are also pocket pickers in tbese market so you have to shi e your eyes.


This market is popularly known as Eko, placed within the coronary heart of Lagos island. The awesome highlight about this market is which you see large vintage storey homes. It is arguably the oldest market in Lagos and the most important in West Africa with most of its stores been rooms transformed into stores. It’s considered one of the biggest, holds the largest collection of varieties.

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