Tuesday, 17 May 2016

US politician mistakenly shares his 'porn tastes' with world in this screengrab blunder

This is funy but not to this politician, according to report this US politician mistakenly  mistakenly shares his 'porn tastes' with world in this screengrab blunder,
According to the report

Major Mike Webb, who is standing for Congress, shared screenshots accidentally revealing the sordid adult porn videos he'd apparently been viewing

He must be regretting this now but it already too late for him. this should also be a learning point for those who like sharing on twitter, look very well before you share what you don'y want other to have or even for me i don't use to put important stuff together with my sharing stuff so i don't have stress on both, it might like that i can delete my shareable stuff at any time that is why my important docs, photos are kept hiding in another hiding folder.

What could be running on this politician mind at the moement? read how it happened below.

A US conservative candidate standing for Congress has inadvertently shared his 'porn tastes' with the rest of the world.
Religious Mike Webb - who prides himself on personally handling his own social media accounts - sent out a screenshot of his computer screen to his Facebook followers which revealed some sordid videos he'd apparently been viewing.
They include one called 'Layla Rivera T**** Body' and 'Ivone Sexy Amateur'.
A Google search reveals pages with those titles exist on popular adult porn websites. The shot was deleted at around 9am UK time this morning.

The original screenshot with the revealing page tabs Mike Webb sent out - which has since been deleted

Webb, a retired Major who used to work in Military Intelligence, had been trying to make a point about a conspiracy theory surrounding his employment issues since he decided to stand for Congress.
He presumably forgot to close the open tabs on his screen although he has since claimed his computer has been infected with a virus - and somewhat bizarrely thanked God for the extra exposure.
In his biography Webb, from New Jersey - standing for Congress in Virginia - claims he is "the son of the first African American State Chaplain" and lists numerous medals he received during military service. He lists his favorite book as the "Holy Bible" and adds: "I own over 3000 DVDs and videocassettes."
Fans of his Facebook page had been quick to point out the error. The post had 1.6K shares and almost 1.9k likes and 2,000 different comments before being deleted.
One fan Boone Kerley had said: "You even make (George) Bush facepalm."

Major Mike Webb's Facebook page where he lists his interests and ideals

Another, Jane Marie Law, had said: "I about died reading these comments. This poor sucker is going to log back into his FB and his whole world is going to come crashing down."
Michael Zarlenga had wondered if it has been a deliberate ploy: "Well this is one way to get a lot of publicity."
Other critics were fiercer, calling him a hypocrite for representing a 'Christianconservative ' group - while others called for him to quit.
In a second rambling 1,934 word post he titled 'SEE HOW DIRTY YOU ARE?' made at around midnight last night UK time he claims to have been infected with a computer virus.
His post says: "I am a big fan of Lewis Carroll, and often say, unless your name is Alice, don't ingest everything with a sign that says, 'Eat me.'"
Webb reaffirms his intention to stand as a Independent for US Congress as "primarily because we do not currently have a conservative in this race — we have Donald Beyer, Jr. dipped in Republican coating."
His campaign literature says he hopes to bring “responsiveness and accountability” to Washington DC.
He insists on doing all his social media, previously saying residents are looking for responsiveness and accountability from their elected leaders.
“One way to do that is to personally respond on social media. Talk and engage with people. Joke and chide. Engage in dialogue. That is what it is all about," he said.
Then in another post at 3am UK time, quoting the Bible, he thanks God for the increase in Facebook page likes he has enjoyed in the last few hours, adding: "Perhaps, what does not kill you does make you stronger."
Even with his last post we can see that he feel hurt over what happen.

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