Monday, 23 May 2016

Teenage daughters dragged dog off father as it mauled him to death in bedroom

Two brave teenage daughters tried to drag a pet dog off their father as it mauled him to death in his own home.
The dog, believed to be a Staffordshire pitbull cross breed, set upon the 45-year-old victim at his home in Cleator Moor, Cumbria, on Sunday afternoon.
Police say his two daughters desperately battled to pull the pet dog off their father as it mauled him in an upstairs bedroom.
The brave pair, aged 19 and 16, risked injury in a 10 minute struggle to drag the dog away.
One of the girls eventually managed to lock the dog in a room while the other called the cops.
Officers said there was blood all over the landing and the dog was barking behind a closed door when they arrived at the scene at around 2pm.
Insp Gary Hunter, from Cumbria Police, attempted to call in a vet who could tranquillize the dog, but none were available.
Instead, he said the only option was to use a Taser gun to subdue the "angry" dog, which died shortly after it was discharged.
Robert Owen Ave
Cops said there was blood all over the landing at the property on Robert Owen Ave in Cumbria
He said: "On the landing, there was a lot of blood everywhere and the dog was still in a room quite close to the landing.
"The door wasn't that secure. Behind the door the dog was barking very loudly trying to get out. It's definitely not something that we normally come across - in over 20 years I've never seen something like that."
"We don't know if it's a banned breed or not yet. It looked like a Staffordshire pitbull type dog. It has to be examined by a police dangerous dogs liaison officer."
According to neighbours it is understood man is a dad-of-three.
He has not been fully identified, however, and the extent of his injuries are not yet known.
The dog was destroyed and three others, which are due to be assessed by canine experts, were seized from the property.
One neighbour, who did not wish to be named, said: "I've never seen him with the dogs, but I've spotted him walking up and down the street from time to time.
"I heard a helicopter outside earlier and knew something was wrong.
"I then saw police cars and an ambulance flood the road.
"Someone told me that it was his son's dog that set on him, but I don't that for sure.
"It's quite sad really, it could have happened to anyone."
A spokesman for Cumbria Police said: "A 45-year-old male who lived at the property was pronounced dead at the scene.
"The dog who attacked the male was destroyed.
"The death is being treated as non-suspicious and the coroner has been informed."
Reacting to what has been described as a "terrible incident", Caroline Kisko of said the issue of dangerous dogs is a social issue that needs tackling.
She said: "Our deepest sympathies go to the family of the victim at this tragic time.
"Dogs are part of the family but it is important to remember that they are animals and it is crucial to ensure that they are properly trained and socialised and kept mentally and physically stimulated."
Under the 1991 Dangerous Dogs Act, pitbull terriers are among the breeds of dogs banned.
Over the past three years, almost 5,000 suspected banned dog breeds have been seized by police in England, figures show.
The RSPCA wants the Dangerous Dogs Act to be changed so dogs are banned on the basis of behaviour not breed.
Robert Owen Ave
Cops arrived at the house on Robert Owen Ave at about 2pm on Sunday
The brutal mauling in Cumbira comes after two Alsatians set upon and injured a terrier in Scotland.
Police are now hunting for the dogs, which attacked the Staffordshire bull terrier while it was being walked by its 70-year-old owner in a park in Dumfries.
The attack left the terrier needing vet treatment for a number of cuts.
The incident happened while the smaller dog was off its lead in a grassed area off Alloway road at about 4.50pm on Thursday May 19. The Alsatians appeared from the Osborne Drive area.
Constable Gary Bil said: "We are looking for witnesses to this attack which went on for some time as the owner of the Staffordshire dog was unable to separate all three dogs.
"Anyone who witnessed the incident or can help identify the owners of the Alsatians is asked to call us in Dumfries on 101.

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