Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Parents Would You Allow Your Daughter Of 14 Years To Marry This Man Of 60 Years For $500 Million USD

Some say yes others say No No No.
The question is that, can you allow your daughter of 14years old to marry a man of 60 years for $500 million USD?


  1. Annie13:00

    The cash is damn huge but i don't think it a nice idea, your daughter will never be happy with you, in some cases the won't be happiness in their marriage because it wasn't for love. For me i stick to NO NO NO.

  2. Bridget15:53

    it very wrong, my daughter feeling mater more to me.

  3. mehn that money is huge ooh ...

    1. Greg mantis15:59

      even it it huge you have to considered your proud and that of your daughter, it seem to me that he is buying girl.

  4. MCaty15:57

    This has happened to my friend, though it was not for money, he daughter 17yrs got pregnant for a man of 49k, the parents have no other option than to let her go. children of this day has no elderly resoect.


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