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Cheapest Uk Universities: Top 10 List

Here are the cheapest universities in uk, this list is put together for the help of people looking for low cost universities in Uk.

1 University of the West of Scotland 

 Average annual cost of degree  £3,400

The University of the West of Scotland is the UK university offering the cheapest Postgraduate Taught courses for the 2015–2016 academic year. £3,400 will afford a postgraduate the opportunity to study any of the Postgrad courses available. 
UWS offers a vocational and career-focussed education, and prides itself on being an institution concerned with innovation and maintaining strong links with industry, in turn providing postgraduates with a platform from which they can cement and influence their own careers. 

2 Robert Gordon University

 Average annual cost of degree  £3,400

That's right, Robert Gordon University offers Postgraduate study for as little as £3,400 a year. 
Again, Robert Gordon displays a noticable emphasis on the employability of its students. Whether it is changing career paths or advancing in their current field, postgrads at Robert Gordon testify that they are sufficiently supported in what they do.

3 Leeds Trinity University

 Average annual cost of degree  £3,500

Leeds Trinity University is the cheapest English institution for Postgraduate Taught courses, reaching 3rd in our top 10. 
As an institution, Leeds Trinity champions a focus on the employability of their students, right across the university's degree programmes and so undergraduates and postgraduates share in the benefit of having careers at the very top of their teaching agenda.

4 York St John University

 Average annual cost of degree  £3,500

York St John University is the first English entry on our list, offering postgraduate study for £3,500 a year.
Having undergone massive refurbishment in the last decade costing £100 million, York St John hosts impressive facilities, including labs, studios, IT suits and many other resources inducive of a quality learning experience. Postgraduates will have their needs met and their skills nurtured and refined at this progressive institution. 

5. Edinburgh Napier University

 Average annual cost of degree  £3,750

Yet another Scottish entry at no. 5 is Edinburgh Napier University, giving Postgraduates an education for £3,750 a year. 
Strong links to employers and industry makes Edinburgh Napier an attractive option for postgradutes whose aims are to improve career prospects and gain a job after education. The university offers initiatives like the Confident Futures programme which teaches postgrads key skills for a successful career. 

6 University of Wales, Trinity St David

 Average annual cost of degree  £3,930

The University of Wales, Trinity St David offers Postgrads the opportunity of further study for a mere £3,930 a year, a veritable bargain considering the price of undergraduate education.
Research-active staff allow postgraduate students the attention and expertise required to create high level thinkers in a rich and stimulating educational environment. 

7 Queen Margaret University 

 Average annual cost of degree  £4000

For £4000, Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh offers Postgrads access to further education.
Queen Margaret's offers flexible Postgraduate courses, and boasts a welcoming cohort of lecturers and staff, aimed at creating a relaxed yet demanding climate for students.
Search through Postgraduate Taught courses at Queen Margaret's. 

8 University of Aberdeen

 Average annual cost of degree   £4,000

Our 3rd uni to offer a £4,000 Postgrad experience is the University of Aberdeen.
A postgraduate community of 3,500 students makes Aberdeen an accomplished uni in the field of postgrad study. A wide selection of taught courses offer postgraduates the opportunity to hone skills previously learned or change career path entirely, such is the beauty of the postgraduate degree. 

9 Abertay University

 Average annual cost of degree £4000

Another uni offering Postgraduate Taught courses for £4000 is Abertay University, one of many Scottish institutions to make it on to our list. 
Abertay is a uni which is proud of its modern approach and the history behind the establishment. The university's students are particularly pleased with its facilities and buildings which enable undergrads and postgrads alike to study efffectively and further their knowledge. 

10 Cardiff Metropolitan University

Average annual cost of degree  £4,050

Kicking off our Top 10 Cheapest UK unis for Postrgraduate Taught courses is Cardiff Metropolitan University, offering a Postgrad education for £4,050 a year.
Cardiff Metropolitan University holds a high percentage of Postgraduate pupils, at 36% of the student population. An individual looking to further their knowledge after graduating will therefore feel at home with many others sharing the same situation. 
Cardiff offers a broad and differing range of postgrad study opportunities and so no matter what your speciality, a 'postgraduate taught' course is yours for the taking.

11 Staffordshire University

University education: Top 12 cheapest universities in England

Average annual cost of degree £6,433

One of the few universities in the UK to offer fast track undergraduate degrees - which means they take two years instead of three - Staffordshire University also specialises in secondary teacher training courses. It is also the only university in the UK to offer a BA (Hons) in Cartoon and Comic Arts.

London Metropolitan University

London Metropolitan University

Average annual cost of degree £6,982

Teaching at this London university is divided between two campuses; one in the City of London, which can trace its roots back to 1848, and one in Islington. The university's Business School in Moorgate has recently undergone a £1 million refurbishment.

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The University of Bolton

Average annual cost of degree £6,990

The University of Bolton offers some unique degrees, for example, Special Effects for Film and TV and Visual Effects for Film and TV. It also offers a wide range of vocational courses, along with the more traditional academic courses.

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