Tuesday, 24 May 2016

A woman charged after allegedly ramming into a police car as she tried to escape a traffic

A woman has been charged after allegedly ramming into a police car as she tried to escape a traffic stop.

Kevina Freeman is accused of injuring a deputy and a passenger during the incident in Milwaukee last week.
The 23-year-old faces two charges of reckless endangerment, two of harming someone while fleeing police and one of damaging property while trying to escape.
Video footage shows a car heading east on I-43 when the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office stopped the female driver at around 11am on 15 May.
Police thought she had been speeding and officers can be seen questioning her.
They told WDJT-TV that they had intended to tow the woman's car, having found that she was driving with a suspended licence.
But they accuse her of then putting the car into reverse, with both front doors open, pushing over two officers and her passenger.The car then hit the police vehicle, throwing one officer into a lane of traffic as the other gripped the driver's side door before being tossed onto the road.

It then drove off, leaving the female passenger with a leg injury.
WDJT-TV reported that both officers unhurt but the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel quoted court papers in saying that one of the officers suffered abrasions and had yet to return to work.
Freeman was arrested a few days later and, if convicted of all charges, faces a maximum sentence of 53 years.
She denies being the driver, citing a boyfriend as an alibi but, according to court documents, the boyfriend has told investigators that she had asked him to lie for her.


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